Inspired eye banner (darren watts)
Obscure coin image

Coin design

I have utilized my sketching and drawing abilities by entering the recent open competition held by the Royal Mint to produce new reverse designs for the United Kingdom coinage (from the one penny to the fifty pence).

I was pleased to have my series design included as one of the 52 series designs chosen from the original 4,000 entries received. Especially when this was then narrowed down further to just ten series designs and my entry was still one of the ones chosen.

After revisions, the ten series designs (or 60 drawings) were then narrowed down to just seven series (or 42 drawings). And all six of my drawings were still included within these.

Unfortunately that was as far as I got, but I enjoyed the experience I gained from this. And as is now known, the successful designs by Matthew Dent with his Royal Shield of Arms (so-called 'Jigsaw') coins are now making their way into circulation.